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Prof. Ludmila Isaenko
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   During more than 20 years the "LEA" Ltd. Co. actively and successfully solves the problems concerning complex material research - from directed search for new effective materials for laser applications and forecasting their structures till technology design of growth of high optical quality crystals related to different classes.


   •   Growth of large perfect single crystals from high-temperature melts and fluxes by Czochralski, Brigeman-Stockbarger, Kuropulos method, TSSG techniques etc.; and also from low-temperature aqueous and organic solutions.

   •  Optical quality control of grown crystals.
                                                             Laboratory growth of nonlinear optical crystals - ags, agse, bbo, clbo, dlap, gase, kta, ktp, lb4, lbo, liio3, lis, lise,  laser crystal KPC : TR. provides

   • Evaporation of antireflecting and protective coatings on the element surface.

   •  Integrated scientific designs on search and characterization of crystals with specified properties.

The growth of nonlinear optical and laser crystals (such as AGS, AGSe, BBO, CLBO, DLAP, GaSe, KTA, KTP, LB4, LBO, LiIO3, LIS, LISe, laser crystal KPC : TR. ), manufacture of optical element and also the search and investigation of new crystals with desired properties are the principal activity of Company.


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