About us

Since its foundation in 1999, LEA Ltd. Co. produces single crystals for modern laser devices, widely used in all fields of medicine, science and technology. We offer high quality materials including unique nonlinear crystals, such as LiBC2 (B=Ga, In; C=S, Se).

Main fields of activity:

– Growth of large optical single crystals from high-temperature melts and solution melts by Bridgman-Stockbarger, Czochralski, TSSG techniques.

– Manufacture of optical elements (cutting, grinding, polishing).

– Antireflective and protective coating.

LEA Ltd. Co. successfully solves the problems of complex materials science – from the directed search for new effective materials for creating the element base of laser technology and predicting their structure to the development of technological methods for growth of various classes of optical crystals.

We closely cooperate with scientific organizations such as the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy SB RAS, Novosibirsk State University, Institute of Physics SB RAS, Ural Federal University, Institute of General Physics RAS etc., including our employee’s participation in research and scientific projects (RSF, RFBR etc.).

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