Scientific research

Comprehensive physical-chemical research and technological development of the processes of growing perfect single crystals for laser applications and optoelectronics are concentrated on the following main areas:

– Search for new nonlinear materials for UV and mid-IR range and growing crystals of high optical quality.

– Modification of the crystals by substitution of lattice atoms and crystal doping by rare earth cations to obtain new functional properties.

– Investigation of the features of the growth processes of new laser single crystals.

– Identification of correlations between the growth parameters of nonlinear laser crystals, their composition, structure, defects and functional properties.

The research is carried out in cooperation with colleagues from scientific organizations (Institute of Geology and Mineralogy SB RAS, Novosibirsk State University, Institute of Physics SB RAS, Ural Federal University, Institute of General Physics RAS, etc.), including scientific projects of RSF, RFBR, etc.

Technological developments and methods of growing a number of single crystals are protected by Russian Federation patents, awarded with diplomas and medals of local and international exhibitions.

The main achievements of recent years include the following results:

New data on the influence of the conditions for obtaining LiBC2 (B=Ga, In; C=S, Se, Te) on the local structure of the cation sublattice, defects and functional properties have been obtained. It is shown that the nonstoichiometry of the composition affects the nature of point defects and thereby the optical characteristics of crystals. In turn, deviations from stoichiometry depend on the composition of the initial melt, growing conditions and post-growth annealing.

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Large AgLiGa2Se4 crystals of optical quality were obtained. Their laser damage threshold AgLiGa2Se4 is 5 times higher than the values for AgGaSe2 (τ = 6 ns, λ = 1.053 µm), at τ= 0.5 ns the value exceeds 1 GW/cm2 (λ = 1.064 µm, 1000 Hz). Dispersion characteristics are measured, and the form of the Selmeyer equations is selected. Experimental data on the conversion of 5.0 microns into the second harmonic have been obtained, confirming the calculation of the Sellmeyer equations.

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Large Li2Ga2GeS6, LiGaGe2Se6, Li2In2GeSe6 single crystals of optical quality were grown and studied. There is an increase in the nonlinear optical effect for quaternary compounds compared to their ternary counterparts. Ge presence in the composition significantly lowers the melting point in comparison with the corresponding ternary compounds, which reduces considerably the problems associated with the presence of aggressive lithium in the reaction system.

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High quality crystals of APb2X5 (A =K, Rb; X = Cl, Br) and mixed K0.5Rb0.5Pb2X5 crystals doped with rare earth elements (Ce, Pr, Nd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb) were obtained. Their crystal and electronic structure were investigated, the features of the entry of doping impurity into the crystals lattice and the accompanying processes of defect formation were studied. Halide crystals are characterized by low phonon energy of the spectrum, which provides radiative processes in the mid-IR range (up to 10 microns) at rare earth element transitions.

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Crystals of КTiOAsO4 (KTA), RbTiOAsO4 (RTA) were studied. The kinetics of domain formation under the application of a homogeneous electric field with high time resolution has been investigated. Periodic structures with different period and configuration of domains were made on the basis of KTA. Methods of surface treatment and application of antireflective coatings have been worked out.

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